Our mission

Enable independent entrepreneurs and young creators to achieve their dream.

We simplify the sale process and connect authentic brands to customers all around the globe.

We create opportunities for all sizes company, even individual

. We believe the future is local and will be made by each and everyone of us, so welcome home. You just arrived at PoP !

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why PoP

Because you can sell your own goods and services and start increasing your sales drastically!

Connecting people.

  • Get what you need from PROS!

    You'll find everything you need for your business or your personal life. PoP by Global Group is a huge ecosystem that works in a cross business synergy.

  • We select our vendors with care

    Not everyone can sell on the PoP Marketplace. Our vendors go through a strong KYV. Only real and experienced vendors with unique and qualitative products.

  • An exclusive offer and unique services

    We're not like all other platforms. We provide with services and products that are truly unique, with a specificity in the Security Field with strong and reknow experts.

what in PoP


All you need, in one place.

Contact us to join the move, become a part of the PoP or even a partner of Global Group.

You've got many questions ? We have the answers.


How can I become a vendor ?

Simplest thing ever !

Check out our page Become a Seller and you'll know everything.

What is PoP commission on my products and services ?

You receive 80% and PoP receives 20% on your products and services. For promoting your products, your services, offering you a personalized shop and platform to distribute your platforms.

What are the benefits of a Seller membership ?

You benefit from your own shop online, that you can customize without even having to pay for a website, and all the payment platforms, webmarketing, paid ads. We basically do everything, you just build your shop, and start selling.

How do you chose your vendors ?

Once we receive a request, we get in touch with the vendor and operate a KYV. We get to know the vendor, its ethics, its products and services. We are super selective. So if the vendor does not meet our criterias, it won't be accepted into PoP.

Our Criterias : have a company registered, a logo, KYC on the representative, certifications on services or products (if it applies), motivation letter

If you do not meet the criterias: we can help! We can provide you with both structure and the logo.

How to contact PoP ?

Send us an email contact@globalgroup-llc.com