About PoP Marketplace

PoP Marketplace is the Platform of all Platforms. 


It is the official Marketplace created by Global Group.

At PoP Marketplace, we allow young businesses, entrepreneurs or even freelancers to sell their products or services on the platform. They can customize their shop and use our interface to reach our customers and theirs!

You do not have the money or time to build your e-commerce shop but yet want a platform to distribute your goods and services? 


Build your shop with your brand, and your logo and distribute your products here in PoP. We take care of the marketing, the payment platform, and developed PoP to fit your needs!

The last years have been particularly challenging and game-changers for many businesses. We all had to rethink the way we want to earn money, wisely, honestly, fairly. PoP made this dream come true for so many entrepreneurs with the good idea, the good product, but did not know how to market it!

We are very selective in the vendors that can sell on PoP - because we only want our customers to be served by the best and most innovative solutions.

Here at PoP Marketplace - we work very hard to bring you the best prices, best products, and best services. We believe that some services are not as easily accessible and we need to change this and gather it all in one place.