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Asphaltech (1L) | Replace Conventional Asphalt with eco-friendly Smart Material

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Eco-Friendly Asphaltech - Replaces Conventional Asphalt, but only with advantages !

AsphalTech has been purposely designed to bind any non-plastic material into a useful wearing course seal.

Worldwide, virtually all asphalt binders are now being modified with polymers, to increase performance.

AsphalTech is a modified polymer, in direct competition to conventional asphalts. It is mixed and applied as a cold mix, using standard paving equipment. Furthermore, AsphalTech can be applied manually or by hand, where job creation and employment reduction is important.

Crazy Advantages & Benefits !

  • Resistance to heat : AsphalTech, will not bleed in the summer heat.
  • Resistance to shock : The elastomer properties on AsphalTech, ensures that the material mix does not become brittle and does not crack.
  • Durability : Polymer modification when compared to conventional asphalt, causes significant changes in the stress-strain behavior, the creep response and the non-newtonian flow patterns. The ability of AsphalTech polymers to elastically recover gives added durability to the AsphalTech seal and thereby reduces potholing.
  • Longer Life: AsphalTech binder properties can reduce rutting, raveling, thermal cracking and stripping in the mix, as well as increase the stability and fatigue life.
  • Easier to Install & Cost effective
  • Utilize any non-plastic aggregate
  • No gas burners or fire required
  • Reduced potholing : Can be used to repair potholes in conventional blacktop seals
  • AsphalTech can be used to seal existing tar roads

 Typical Uses

  • Sealing of Roadtech stabilized roads
  • Sealing of conventional roads
  • Cost effective thin slurry seals (10 – 20mm)
  • Pre-mixes for pothole repairs


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