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Global Reality Ltd

1 SmartBrick Unit - Our special compressed natural brick with smart ecological concrete

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1 SMART BRICK UNIT 300x150x100mm

Smartbricks are used to make partitions providing thermal mass and regulating humidity. These bricks are suitable for the realization of load-bearing walls and massive partitions, as well as for the realization of interior linings.

How are Interlocking SmartBricks made?

High quality interlocking Smartbricks are made of SMART CONCRETE, sand and stone duest mixed together in appropriate proportions. The required materials are batched and mixe. Once the required mix is prepared, it is then compressed to form bricks with desirable interlocking patterns. The compression is achieved by using hydraulic compression system. The bricks are then subjected to curing for about 7 days.

Benefits of SmartBricks

  • Earthquake resistant
  • Does not require plaster work
  • Total resistance to fire propagation
  • Moisture barrier
  • Unlimited lifetime
  • Extreme strength: withstands a weight of over 80t, twice as strong as concrete
  • 10x better thermal resistance than cement and concrete
  • Acts as a natural air conditioner: keeps your home warm in winter and the natural coolness of your home in summer
  • Increase the air quality in your interior
  • Reduction of 30 to 40% of your energy bill
  • Exceptional comfort and various exterior finishes


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