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Global Defense

Tactical Ballistic Shield - Made in China

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Standard Tactical Shield Battle Steel Bulletproof

Ultra-Lightweight and low profile design

Observation window made by anti-shake bulletproof glass which is excellent in sight, it can present the best sight around the vision, the shield is also equipped with lighting, high brightness, strong shock.

Sizes: Shield-50*80cm (20*32”) / custom size, Ballistic View Port-20*6.5cm / custom size
Ballistic Material: laminated UHMW-PE UD fabric /ceramics, which15 times stronger than steel shield
Weight(without wheels): apx.5kg for level IIIA, apx.12kg for level III, apx. 18kg for level IV

Adjustable rubber grip handle and quality Nylon shoulder strap
Outer Shell : anti corrosive / flame retardant / shock resistant / water resistant / anti-spalling coating finish
Padded impact-resistant forearm rest
Polycarbonate /glass ballistic View port and/ shooting hole / strobe light / four-wheeled base(optional)

For whom ?

Police Use, Violent Riots and Military equipment, SWAT teams, patrol officers and military personnel as breaching tools and body protection, suitable for the armed police, anti-terrorism and so on


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