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Global Reality Ltd

Reality Solar Umbrella Technology

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Discover Global Reality Solar umbrella technology.

1.Create a smartspace, Make a difference

Thin film solar power umbrella, not only has the function of sunshade and rain protection of outdoor umbrella, but also a layer of high-efficiency flexible thin film solar chip laid on the surface, so that solar umbrella has power generation function regardless of sunshine or cloudy. Solar umbrella has four advantages of off-grid power supply, super large energy storage, night lighting and terminal charging, which can light up technology life at any time.

2. Four major product values

  • Electricity storage
  • Night Illumination
  • Terminal Charging
  • Offgrid Power Supply

• Eight-sided shape, center column design, simple texture, stylish and beautiful
• The stainless steel threaded connection sleeve is used for the umbrella column to ensure high strength tolerance of the umbrella structure.
• The chip is made of flexible stainless steel substrate, light and flexible, fits the umbrella body



• Unique technology:Uses unique ICI-Integrated Cell Interconnect technology (Note: only for GSE).
• Stable luminous energy:stable performance, with stable CIGS power and no light induced decay effect.
• Low light power generation:Power can still be maintained when the light is not strong.Low light power generation offers strong.



• Terminal charging: 138Wh,38400mAh large energy storage. 
• Multi-person use: The umbrella integrates 4 USB ports, which can charge 4 mobile phones at the same time, and can also charge a variety of household appliances.
• Support for power-up: In special cases, it can be quickly recharged through a standard DC interface

- Solar umbrella can be used in tourist resorts like hotel, vacational village, in the beach

- Solar umbrella can be used in places such as villas, courtyards, parks and other open-air leisure places

Solar umbrella in courtyard or outdoor places not only shades the sun and prevents the rain, but also brings comfortable experience for families.

Solar umbrella can also be used as a normal umbrella serving the use by shading the sun, preventing the rain, and making outdoor experience more comfortable.

Central Column
2.5m (Approx.)
Cloth Diameter
2.8m (Approx.)
Shaft Diameter
38mm (Approx.)
Yarn dyed fabric
Dark red/Dark green/Top color
11 kg(Without Stand)
Solar Module Type
Component Power
GSE : 50.4 W / Miasole : 50.8 W
DC 12V/2A *1 (DC 3.5*1.35mm)
DC 5V/2A,MAX 10W (USB Type-A *4)
Battery Energy


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