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Wooden Smarthouse Perfect Room for Leisure and Tourism 32m²

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Wooden Smarthouse

The Wooden Smarthouse is a new developed modular house, which is rapidly improve construction and project timelines. The adaptability and versatility of our system enables infinite choice from family house, apartement , hotel to holiday home.

Basic configuration includes Wooden structure, insulation, door, partitionwall, window, electricity, plumbing

In addition to our architectural product, we have reputated suppliers to provide necessary facilities such as bathroom and kitchen pods with CE or AS certified, and luxury furnitures of your choice.



  • Original and Unique housing
  • Easy Assembly
  • Includes BATHROOM
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Convenient Transportation
  • Save 75% overhead cost & labour cost.
  • Flexible space design with intelligent housing system as your wish.
  • Green house, enviromentally & recycle.


Make sure the land is in horizontal line, build cement foundation as per drawing before you assemble the house.

1. Main structure installation: 4 workers,1 crane, 3Days

2. Plumber & Electrician: 2 workers, 2 Days 

3. Sanitary & home funiture & decoration: 2 workers, 6 Days

4. Bathroom&WC Floor & Wall Tiles


On request:

- Fully furnished appartment 

- H2OTech, produce water from air

- Solar Energy and panels to be fully indepedent

Technical Parameter

Floor Live Load: 2.0kN/m2 We use SAP2000 for Structural calculation

Wind Load: 0.69kN/m2

Sound Insulation: 40-50dB

Anti-seismic Grade: 4 grade


Contact us for more information on this house and the option we can build for you !


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