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Smarthouse 2 Bedrooms 75m²

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The Smarthouse is a new developed modular house, which is rapidly improve construction and project timelines. The adaptability and versatility of our system enables infinite choice from family house, apartement , hotel to holiday home.

In addition to our architectural product, we have reputated suppliers to provide necessary facilities such as bathroom and kitchen pods with CE or AS certified.



  • Easy Assembly
  • Includes BATHROOM & KITCHEN !
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Convenient Transportation
  • 90% prefabricated
  • Easy assemble , just 4 workers could finish one single home within 10 hours
  • Save 75% overhead cost & labour cost.
  • Flexible space design with intelligent housing system as your wish.
  • Green house , enviromentally & recycle.


Make sure the land is in horizontal line, build cement foundation as per drawing before you assemble the house.

  • Step 1:Install support foot and floor frame
  • Step 2:Install wall panel in order as per drawing provided, and fix with screws after the panel is in place
  • Step 3:Lift roof to installation place and fix with fasteners
  • Step 4:Roof water-proofing treatment , place roof tiles 、gutters and drainage pipe,Install electrics and pipeline

 On request:

- Fully furnished appartment 

- H2OTech, produce water from air

- Solar Energy and panels to be fully indepedent


II Specification
Technical Specification
Roof Main frame: Galvanized steel Q235B HSS100mm*100mm, 4mm thickness, 4pcs; HSS100mm*100mm*3mm thickness, 5pcs. Rafter: C100mm*50mm*20mm, 1mm thickness.                
Insulation: GPS/EPS, density: 22kg/m³,100mm thickness;
Ceiling: MGO board (10mm thickness )with Environmental paint
Cover: Galvanized steel sheet, 1.2mm thickness;
Floor Main frame: Galvanized steel Q235B HSS100mm*150mm, 4mm thickness, 8pcs Floor Joist: Galvanized steel Q235B, C120mm*50mm*20*2.5mm thickness, 20pcs
Insulation: GPS/EPS, density: 22kg/m³,100mm thickness;
Cover: Galvanizes steel sheet, 1.2mm thickness;
Floor: 20mm thickness high density fiber cement floor;Floor covering:5mm thickness PVC floor (wood color or other options are available)
Wall Panel Main frame: Galvanized steel Q235B HSS100mm*100mm (3&4)mm thickness. Q235B HSS 100mm*50mm*3mm thickness.
Thickness: 122mm; Exterior: 12mm thick MGO board with green paint;
Insulation: 100mm thick GPS/EPS Insulation, density: 22kg/m³,100mm thickness;
Interior side: 10mm thick MGO board with green paint
Door Entrance door 1: Alu. sliding door 2200mm*2300mm,
Interior door 1: Plywood door 726mm*2048mm,Bathroom
Interior door 2: Plywood door 726mm*2048mm; Bedroom
Window Alu. sliding window , 5/9/5 double tempered glass, 1800mm*1400mm ; 2300mm*550mm
Opening window,  5/9/5 double tempered glass, 800mm*1000mm
Plumbing System
As per clients’ requests, CCC/CE/AS/CSA/ASTM are available 
Toilet,Shower set,Sink (Standard),Shower room, basin cabinet,Soap holder,Paper Holder,Towel shelf,Bathroom cabinet,Hand Towel (high standard )
Kitchen Kitchen cabinet , sink , taps (hight standard )
Packing Bubble wrap packing with tighten belt when fitting into shipping container , one 40OT can load one house
Transportation by 40OT only ,  if require shipping by 40GP shall need to be redesigned .  20ft is not applicable . 
Technical Parameter Floor Live Load: 2.0kN/m2
Wind Load:  0.69kN/m2  
Sound Insulation: 40-50dB
Anti-seismic Grade:  4 grade
Transportation & Installation
Furniture & Appliances choosing and sourcing by client
Transportation by 40 OT shipping container, one 40 OT could load 50m2
Installation 1. Main structure installation: 4 workers, 1 crane, 0.5Day
2. Plumber: 1 worker, 0.5 Day
3. Electrician: 1 worker, 0.5 Day
4. Tiles: 1 worker, 1 Day
5. Cabinet: 2 workers, 0.5 Days
6. Skirting line & Exterior decoration  & Gluing & Alu. sliding door: 2workers, 0.5 Day


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