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Roadtech (1L) | Road Construction and Stabilization

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A road stabilization agent specifically designed for excessive loads and where all weather roads are required. Roadtech stabilizing polymers are elastomers, which gain strength from mechanical compaction and do not become brittle when cured. RoadTech is a non-toxic, environmentally safe product which does not contain harmful chemicals and has no adverse effects on people, animals or the environment making it ideal for application in environmentally sensitive areas. Roadtech can be applied to all types of aggregates, binding the particles to form a three dimensional matrix, producing a durable and natural pavement surface.


  • Organic Based Polymer
  • High UV stability making it long lasting
  • Speed up construction time by 37%
  • Reduced construction costs by 20% to 30%
  • Reduced Co2 emissions
  • Reduced water absorbtion ‹5%
  • Non-hazardous and non-toxic
  • Ideal for use in environmentally sensitive areas
  • For use in rural roads, driveways
  • Hardstand areas, walls
  • Paths for council, golf courses and cycleways
  • Construction of BMX tracks, bike and walking trails
  • Landscaping and garden construction

With Roadtech Smart Material, One Can;

  • Reduce the consumption of quarry aggregate in conventional construction
  • In many instances in-situ materials can be used
  • Speed up construction time
  • Reduce construction costs
  • Dramatically reduce CO2 emissions
  • Reduced maintenance – as long as the asphalt wearing course layer is maintained, the structural integrity of the road will be preserved, with the road  pavement remaining rut-free and eliminating the need for base or sub-base maintenance.

 Typical Uses

  • Multi-layer stabilization with Roadtech technology
  • haul roads
  • Roads
  • Airstrips
  • Hard Stands
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

Application Rate : 0.5% of Roadtech per weight of the Soil - i.e. approx 1 ltre per m2 at a depth of 100mm

Equipment : same equipment as regular road construction is necessary. Site Establishment/ De-Establishment, Water Bowser with rear spray bars x 2 (10000 - 16000 Lt), Pump to Pump product from IBC to bowser, Heavy Roller with vibratory mode (18-20 ton)

Ask for a quote if you have a project.


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