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Quantum Technologies Campaigns and Actions Follow-up

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Periodic follow-up of QT Remediation Plan / QT Control Plan / QT KRI Plan Campaigns and elaboration of advancement reporting and analysis

Quantum computing is nearing a phase of commercialization that may change our world. Early adopters of quantum’s unique ability to solve certain types of problems may achieve breakthroughs that enable new business models. Visionary organizations are already aligning with the emerging quantum computing ecosystem to become “quantum ready.” These forward-thinking enterprises are exploring use cases and associated algorithms that address complex business problems. This report discusses the paradigm shift that quantum computing represents for business, explains why your enterprise may need to act now, and provides five recommendations to advance your organization down the path of quantum-enabled business advantage.

Quantum computing appears set to potentially transform certain industries. For instance, current computational chemistry methods rely heavily on approximation because the exact equations cannot be solved by classical computers. But, quantum algorithms are expected to deliver accurate simulations of molecules over longer timescales, currently impossible to model precisely. This could enable life-saving drug discoveries and significantly shorten the number of years required to develop pharmaceuticals.


- QT Remediation Plan / QT Control Plan / QT KRI Plan Campaigns reporting templates


- Quantum Risk Assessment
- QT Remediation Plan / QT Control Plan / QT Key Risk Indicators (KRI)


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