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Finger Pulse Oximeter Medical Blood Oxygen Saturation and Pulse rate

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• It measures blood oxygen saturation (SPO2) and pulse rate.
• The product is designed to be lightweight, simple to use, easy to use and transport.
• High resolution color OLED display.
• Automatically turns off.

Measurement range for saturation
Measurement range: 35 to 100%
Resolution: 1%

Precision :
• Within the range of 90%~100%, tolerance ±2%
• Within the range of 70%~90%, tolerance ±3%
• Less than 70% undefined
pulse rate
Measurement range: Not less than 30bpm~250bpm(Real-time pulse data after stabilization).
Resolution: 1bpm
Accuracy: ±1% or ±3bpm

Data update approximately every 15 seconds

Power supply: 2 x1.5v AAA alkaline batteries(It can be used for 1~1.5 hours continuously)

Weight and size: 58g (without batteries), 59*36*34mm
Storage: Working environment: Temperature: 5-40℃, Humidity: ≤80%(non-condensing), Atmospheric pressure: 86-106 kPa.

Storage and transportation conditions: Temperature: -20~55℃, Humidity: ≤93%(non-condensing), Atmospheric pressure: 70-106 kPa.

2000 units per carton

Boxes of 10 units

MOQ: 10 units
Carton size: 515*450*280mm
CE marking


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