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Sun Tzu’s The Art of War extolled the virtues of proper intelligence thousands of years before the technological advances we know today dotted the landscape. Even with the changes in information gathering, one of the greatest sources for gaining the advantage in any situation remains unchanged: humans.

Human Intelligence, known as HUMINT, is intel discerned through information gathered from human sources. The sources may run the spectrum, from interviews and conversations to surveillance and interrogation, but the results are invaluable.


In this course you will become an expert at entering the head of your interlocutor in order to get from your source the information that you need. It is one of the oldest job of the world. It is one of the less understood job in the world. It is however one of the popularized job in Hollywood and collective imaginery - but yet, one of the most complex as it is deeply human.

In this course in various modules you will learn the techniques, the tricks and the psychology of a human mind. You will learn how to obtain information from people systematically, you learn how to use tools to encourage information flow. You will also learn how to decrypt body language and understand how YOU and your source can leak information only from your body.

The course covers talent spotting in more detail (following on from the introductory course), which includes: Access, Motivation, Point of Contact, Capability (AMPOCC) as well as welfare, active listening, tasking & training and surveillance awareness.

Our course goes deep. Our course is life changing and not only theoretical as most of the course you'll find online. You will be submitted to real condition exercises. You'll meet the real professionals: former-clandestine operational officers that dedicated their life to the field Because this is the only way you'll learn.


Module 1 - GATHERING





Security officer, police swat, intelligence officer, police forces, army forces, special units, security guards, survivability experts, shooting instructors, security professionals...


To be defined with you.

WHO ? 

With a former Colonel in the Intelligence Services. Our team: international security experts, former special services officers, former sniper and trainers in different military structures in the world's most respectable and feared armies. Our personnel and master instructors have trained personnel all over Europe, Africa and the Middle East. They also run more advanced courses such as Intelligence gathering, cybersecurity training, and more.


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