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H2O TECH™ - Your private atmospheric water generator 20L/DAY

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Invest now in a H2OTECH 20L, and DRINK FREE WATER FOR LIFE!

Throw away your plastic bottles consumptions. Did you know that global annual cost for bottled water is $60 billion ? Ridiculous right ? With H2OTech, be eco-friendly and create water from AIR, which is the most natural and purifying way you could. 







20L/day of pure and drinkable water !

An atmospheric water generator equals to a water factory in home, enjoy lifelong free water. It is an appliance that uses dehumidification and condensing technology that extract water from the humidity in the air. The most important process is that the water is filtered and purified through several filters.

Why switch?

Atmospheric water is safer than traditional drinking water:

  • Small molecular water is good solvency and high penetration

  • Sterile, non-toxic, impurity free

  • No residual chlorine and trihalomethane

  • No pesticide residue and Chemical organic matter

  • No heavy metals, like rust, lead and mercury

  • Freshest and enough oxygen

  • Colorless, odorless, transparent.

Discover the “alchemy” that produces drinking water from the humidity of the air using the natural condensation process and a series of appropriate filters.
Our fountain can generate 20L/day of ultra pure water every day depending on the temperature and humidity conditions.

It is aimed at individuals and small businesses, it covers the daily needs of a family or a small team. It is controlled by a touch screen and comes with a set of spare filters.


Main Features:

1.Plug and play, no setup
2.Cold & hot water, instant heating style
3.Convenient transportation with carriable size
4.Perspective window of water level,overall control of machine operation
5.Automatic reminder of overdue filter and sieve
6.Apply purifying technology of molecular sieve with space science 
7.Combination of water-making, dehumidifying, air purifying and offering drinkable water
8.Regular disinfection and circulate filtration for safe drinking water

Other specifications:

  • HEPA Air filter - prevents micro-particles and dust from entering H2O TECH
  • A Bottom Tank UV Lamp filter - eliminates bacteria and other micro-organisms.
  • Sediment filter - eliminates particles over 5 microns in diameter
  • Pre-Carbon filter - activated carbon and coconut components to polish water
  • Ultra-Fine Membrane filter - eliminates particles as small as 0.01 microns in diameter
  • Post-Carbon filter - activated carbon and coconut components to further polish the water
Supply Power 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz
Compressor power/Cooling power 460W
Heating Power 500W
Production Capacity 20 Liter/day @ 30º C & 80% RH
Temperature 15º C - 45º C
Humidity 30% - 100% RH
Water Tank 15L(top tank)+1.5L(bottom tank)
1.5L(cold tank)+1.5(hot tank)
TDS Always showing on display
Water flow capacity Updating once for one hour
Filteration system PPF+CTO+UF+T33+UV
Refrigerent R134a
Defrost Method FAN COOLING
Operation sound level ≤45Db
Loading Quantity 20' GP(60pcs) / 40' HQ (248 Units)


Packaging & Delivery

Selling Units:
Single item
Single package size: 
45X30X110 cm
Single gross weight:
45.00 kg
Package Type: Standard export package


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