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FENCETECH: SuperSensor Fence Mounted Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

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fence-mounted intrusion detection system

FENCETECH detects and locates any attempt to cut, climb or otherwise break through the fence. It accurately locates intrusions even when there are multiple simultaneous intrusions and in the presence of background environmental noise.

A unique sensor system that detects movement, cutting or deformation using a copper cable. Mechanical stress on the sensor cable converts to electronic signals, processed by the digital and analog analyzers in the controller. The sensor cable can be installed on any existing or new fence or wall.

The system indicates to the control room on an attempt to breach by climbing over a fence, cutting the fence, breaking through using a flame or digging under the fence. The Sensor Cable is attached to the fence with a long life span metal clips. The metal clips will not affect the performance of the sensor cable at any time.

Networking and Integration

With on-board relay outputs, auxiliary inputs, and support for Ethernet, RS-422 and fiber optic communication cards, FENCETECH can work with virtually any security system.

Installed by local installation team to save costs and provide local employment and manpower

• The systems are built in such a way that they require almost no maintenance

• The systems can be installed on any existing fence and do not require a new fence

• In large projects there is the possibility of producing parts locally

main benefits

Copper sensor cable that is mounted on a perimeter fence or on a wall. Any mechanical stress on the sensor cable is converted into electronic signals processed by the digital and analogical analyzers in the controller.

The system is programmed to send indications to the control room, in case of an attempt to breach, by climbing over a fence, cutting the fence, breakingthrough using flame-cutter or digging under the fence.

The Sensor Cable is designed to have a long-life span of more than 20 years

The standard low-cost copper cable is sensitive to any deformation or cuts, allowing for flexibility and different applications

Mounted to the fence with metal clips, almost without the need of maintenance

Can be installed on almost any existing fence without special requirements

Can be installed in/on a barbed wire concertina without causing false alarms

Due to its unique filtering, the wind will not trigger a false alarm nor affect the Super Sensor’s sensitivity (which is common in other vibration sensor cables)

Rain and hail, as well as other acoustic noises, will not influence and not lower its sensitivity

Plug and Play: the adaptive controller learns and calibrates itself automatically according to the installation's environment

Manual testing from the control room: The operator can manually test the status of the system’s electronic components, without needing personnel to travel to the site for testing

Suitable for perimeter protection of commercial, domestic, industrial, military or other high-risk areas

Easily integrated into any Command & Control Centre platform

Computer testing unit - allows for a simple diagnosis

The intrusion vibrations produce, electronic signals which are analyzed by the systems field controller, which includes advanced smart adaptive signal processing, to achieve a high level of detection probability, while eliminating false alarms due to vibrations caused by wind, rain, hail and many other environmental disturbances


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