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Global Defense

VIP Close Executive Protection

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Security and Risk Mitigation for VIP and High-Net-Worth Individuals


Public figures and VIPs are exposed to heightened personal risk due to their status, careers, affiliations, geography or net worth. With strategic risk assessment and advanced planning, experienced security teams protect these high-risk individuals from physical, financial and reputational harm.

Global Defense provides VIP close protection services for high profile individuals to ensure their safety and prevent security issues. Our discreet and expert professionals specialize in helping government and commercial customers protect VIP personnel. With decades of experience, our protective security specialists are continually recognized for their commitment to professionalism and quality service.


Executive Protection Services

Our protective services for VIP and high-net-worth individuals includes:

  • Protective movements and armed escorts
  • High-threat protection for dignitaries
  • International travel protection for corporate executives, diplomats, and celebrities
  • Escorts
  • Close personal protection
  • Celebrity and corporate VIP protection
  • Armed vehicle transportation
  • Route and venue reconnaissance and clearance
  • Security advance, counter-attack, and counter-surveillance teams

PRICING: how does it work ?

There are few variables that we take into consideration : the number of guards required, their abilities (wether they're armed or unarmed, with special skills, level of confidentiality etc), the "value" of the target(s) to be protected, the place, nature of the event, level of threat etc.

We can also insure Transportation (armed vehicles, low profile vehicles, luxury vehicles, private jet, yacht or other boat...) and coordination of security during transportation, comprising audit of surveillance, active protection during event etc.



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