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Global Reality Ltd

Dream House Smarthouse Cabin Lodge for Your Garden

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The Dreamhouse, in 2 sizes and more !

An elegant outlook for a DreamHouse that can be widely used in different areas, such as tourism resort, RV Park & Campgroud, shops and relative creative parks. It is mainly aimed to build a Eco tourist, mobile real estate integrate mobile business, flexible combination can be applied to various needs. Can be totally used in your own garden to have a safe and nice place to welcome your guests and family, or start making some more revenues with seasonal rental ! 

Contains: Ventilation Fan, RV Windows ,Internet Socket and Socket(water proof), internal sockets, LED lighting, switches, light belt, insulation layer, bathroom furnitures, kitchen furniture



  • Ready to delivery, save time. 
  • Building regulations & planning permission compliant

  • Strong Frame and Elegant outlook and muti-function internal,

  • High-end safe and secure housing
  • Anti-Seismic and Wind-proof
  • Eco, Green product recyclable
  • Easily relocated
  • Lighting control, switching Control, A/C Control
  • Widely applications.
  • Waterproof
  • High Fire proof grade prevention and anti-corrosion house
  • Warranty : 25 years for the structure and body of the house !

    Available for customization, as well as bathrooms, kitchens.



    • Private : Leisure, Garden, mountain, office, room for family and friends...
    • Commercial : Hotel, Restaurant, Office, Shop, Gym, Real Estate office...


    The DREAMHOUSE 13m²
    • Size : 5.8m(W) *2.16m(D)*2.2m/2.5m(H)
    • Weight : About 2500kgs
    • Layout : 1 * Bedroom , 1 *bathroom, 1 * table space(office desk or simple kitchen)
    • Possibly FULLY EQUIPED with furniture, kitchen, bathroom

    The DREAMHOUSE 24m²

    • Size : 11m(W) *2.16m(D)*2.5m(H)
    • Weight : About 3500kgs
    • Layout : 1 * Bedroom, 1 *bathroom, 1*living room 1* mini kitchen
    • Possibly FULLY EQUIPED with Furniture, Kitchen, Bathroom

    For both:

    Color: White, Black, or customize colors
    Characteristic: Easy installation, Freely combination
    Window: Explosion-proof privacy glass
    Wall panel: 60mm XPS


    Pre-sales Service

    1. Consultant Service ( Answer client's questions)

    2. Primary design plan

    3. Assisting client to choose suitable constructing plan

    4. Price calculation

    5. Business & technology discussion

     Sales Service

    1.Submission of construction drawing

    2.Construction Manual

    3. Fabrication & Packing

    4. Statistical table of material

    5. Delivery on time

    6. Other requirements by Clients

    After-Sales Service

    1. Service of installation supervision

    2. Instruction for using after installation completed




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