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Global Defense

Counter Drone UAV System

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Why chose GDefense ?

We design, deploy and maintain counter-UAV systems, benefiting from a security expertise, including command and control (C2) and system integrator capabilities. We created an Automatic No-Drone Protected Area for facilities, sites and for tactical teams, (Mobile and Stationary) in a variety of standard and custom use case scenarios.
We developed a flexible and evolutive solution that enables protecting a variety of critical infrastructures and sites. The system offers a comprehensive solution, from drones detection and identification,  localization, to threat assessment and neutralization. We can rely on our numerous operational references and experience to guarantee very high performance levels.
• Detects Drones - via utilising Radio Sensors
• Blocks Drones - via utilising Smart Radio Frequency Blocking
• Locates Operators - by locating the Radio Transmitting Source
• No False Alerts
• Customizable and Cost-Effective
• Simple and Robust


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