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Global Airjet

Buy a pre-owned jet and get access to a wild marketplace of private jets for sale

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The price of pre-owned private jets will vary in cost and pricing due in part to several factors including range, the condition of the jet, age of the aircraft, pedigree of ownership, and how well it is equipped (does it have cost efficient avionics, engine programs and safety equipment).

We offer a comprehensive range of private jets for sale. Our jet sales team are dedicated to match the right private aircraft to your requirement. If you are looking to buy a private jet we have many jets for sale and we can directly source the specific private jet you are looking for at the best possible price.

Ask us and one of our expert will get back to you.

Global Airjet works on a mandate basis - mandate us to get the expertise, a dedicated team at your service to meet your requirements and budget.

PRICING: 5 000 € + VAT


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