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Global Defense

Bulletproof Vest Ballistic Made in Switzerland

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Bulletproof Ballistic Vest 

High quality body armor, bullet proof vests, ballistic vests and stab resistant vests body armour and bullet resistant insert. USH Soft Ballistic Inserts System For All Types of plate carriers, bags, custom.
Extreme comfort. Made in Switzerland. High Quality.


Level NIJ III to IV

Available Solutions

  • 2 panels: front,back
  • 4 panels: front,back,sides
  • 10 panels: front, back, sides, groin, rear, neck, throat, biceps


Level of protection

Alpha 2015 – Nij IIIA +, SK1/Vpam3/tok/mk/45ACP/22Mag/357SIG/blunt + knifes & spikes


XS to XL


2 panels Front & Back, 4 panels Front, Back & sides


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