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Global Defense

Bulletproof Vest Balistic Standard Riot Made in China

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Bulletproof Vest Balistic Standard Riot

Ultra-reliable bullet proof vest protection. Comfortable and breathable carriers, featuring bulletproof ballistic panels, perfectly adapted for police, ambulance, federal agents, riots.

Balistic Protection. Our vests protects thousands of clients worldwide. We are supplying the best body armor and highest-quality on the market. Contact us to know more and get a quote.

Upgrades available

  • Vpam3 + FRAG/5
  • Knives&Spikes&Blunt
  • K2/d2 stand alone
  • K4/d4 in conjunction with Alpha2015
  • K4/d4 in conjunction with X-Ray2016



1.5 – 3kgs




On measures


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