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Ultra high performance - Anticut Tech Fabric made in Germany

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Protect your body and your life.

Price is by meter

Applications : olympic sports, extreme sports and travel (cut resistant back packs etc), professional use (construction, industrial, steel and sheet metal work) medical and paramedical (for professionals working with vulnerable children, young people and adults with challenging behaviour such as biting or scratching), homeland security, bite Resistant Clothing & Arm Guards for Mental Health & Special Needs, Slash resistant clothing for frontline professionals working in hostile environments such as prisons, correctional facilities, homeland security and policing, effectively preventing lacerations, subsequent rapid blood loss and death.


Based on a knitted fabric for fencing athletes with a protective effect against penetration of >800N according to the penetration test for fencing clothing materials according to DIN EN 13567.

It is manufactured using polyester and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE). These are also known as HPPE (High Performance Polyethylene). They have the lowest density of all reinforcement fibers and the highest specific strength (ratio of strength to weight).

These fibers are 40% more tensile than aramid, 60% stronger than carbon fiber and glass fiber, and up to fifteen time more tensile than steel.

An intelligent interplay of “sacrificial and protective layers” creates a knitted fabric which, thanks to its elasticity, gives the wearer freedom of movement with a high level of protection against puncture. Hightech performance for maximum security.


  • > 800N according to the puncture test for fencing clothing materials according to DIN EN 13567
  • Hydrophilic - absorbs sweat
  • Pleasant
  • Freedom of movement thanks to a special knit construction
  • Flexible and stretchy fabric
  • Fast drying
  • Breathable
  • Easy care
  • Composition: 50% polyamide black, 50% polyethylene white
  • Color: black outside, white inside
  • Manufactured: Interlock, double face
  • Weight: 690 g / m² +/- 5%
  • Penetration test according to / DIN EN 13567:> 1000 N
  • Washing shrinkage after 5 washes / 40 ° C: +/- 5% DIN EN
  • 25077 / ISO 6330
  • Hydrophilic: Yes
  • Eco Textile: Standard 100 (product class II)
  • Certification FTTX: ISO 9001


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