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Global Group llc

#4 We are Family

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What you get ?

- 100 requests per year

- We help you book your flights in business, First, private jet all year long

- We cancel your flights and make sure you get refunded 

- We insure you get an access to the Business Lounge and get all the VIP services at the airport that you need

- We book your hotel reservations in 4*, 5* and make sure you get plenty of advantages such as : upgrades, free vouchers for spa or bar, early check-in, late check-out...

- We take care of all you need: ground transfer, private driver, translator or interpreter, your shopping dreams, tour booking, special guide activities, restaurants, events, security services (VIP close protection, cybersecurity)...

- 4 users

- 5 Global SIM cards for free !


How ?

1) Get your offers within 3 business days
2) Get a tailor-made service, responding to your very specific needs and requirements!
3) Save at least 10% on your trips on annual average 

Get one concierge at your service only. Quickly she/he will know where you like to seat on the plane, your allergies and favorite meals, your special requirements in the hotels, the activities you like to have, the lounge service you must get... Your TIME is valuable. We know that, and we make it easier for you so you gain in productivity.

Travel as you deserve


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