5 Strategies to Sell Online and Internationally In a Marketplace and Reach Success

5 Strategies to Sell Online and Internationally In a Marketplace and Reach Success

5 online marketplace strategies to sell internationally

Harness social proof – Many shoppers are more likely to buy from brands that other people have given a thumbs up. Getting buyers to give you good reviews can be tough, which is why you should have some small incentives set aside in the form of free goods, coupons and vouchers, discounts, temporary free access to some premium account features, etc.

Watch the competition – Whether it’s simple site visits as a customer or going deeper with analytics tools, keep an eye on your competitors’ moves, especially things like free shipping and surprise giveaways. These will help you adjust your prices accordingly. You can also go as far as automating the repricing process. Do not neglect minor moves like theme changes and new product sections.

Deter counterfeiters – People will go to great length to get customers attention, going as far as spamming shoppers with fake offers in your name. Remind your customers about the unique identifiers of your brand messages and always stay ahead when it comes to informing them about new offers. You can also subscribe to some service providers who specialise in thwarting counterfeit programs.

Leverage promotions – You most probably won’t hit your sales targets through pure organic traffic. Engage in promotional activities (like eBay deals) that are supported by the platform you’re selling on. Put out some paid advertising where possible to reach potential customers outside your established supporters.

Optimise product content – Share the information that research has shown to be influential in buying decisions. This could be anything from displaying high-quality product images from multiple angles to listing a summary of product benefits, and even showing the stock/availability levels. Ensure that titles, image metadata and other product information is in-line with the relevant keywords in order to improve visibility through searches.

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